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Wedding Planner Como Lake, White Omnia Wedding by Patrizia Zannoni is a brand that embodies the goal of perfection towards every element involved in the organization of a wedding, which by its nature is unique and unrepeatable. Each event represents a new adventure to be experienced together with the married couple and all those who will participate; an adventure in which to make the most of all the organizational, consultancy and evaluation skills that characterize my work.
For couples who wish to live an experience of ideas, solutions, support in all phases of their magical event.




Over 20 years of experience and knowledge gained in banqueting, etiquette and event management will be at your service

Ideas and Inspirations

Starting from your story, together we will create new worlds that will make your wedding unique and unrepeatable.

Full assistance

Before, during and after your wedding, you can count on the team led by Patrizia Zannoni, who will assist you in every aspect. White Omnia Wedding provides a contractual guarantee on its work and on compliance with agreed times and budgets.

Creative realization

Expert hands, precious materials and expertly selected ingredients: from banqueting to cake design, from invitations to favors, nothing will be left to chance.

The best partners

All partners are selected according to the highest quality standards. Flowers and transportation, clothes and make-up, photos and videos, music and entertainment, sets and fireworks

Exclusive Locations

Villas, castles, luxury hotels. On the lake, on the sea, in the countryside. Everywhere you imagine it, it will come to life dressed like you have always desired.

Classic Wedding

Classic Wedding

Per un matrimonio dall’eleganza che resiste nel tempo

Baroque Wedding

Baroque Wedding

Oro e sfarzo per un matrimonio denso di maestosità

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding

Tempi passati per vivere un matrimonio dal ricordo irripetibile

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Il calor del legno e del fuoco scalderà inestinguibile i vostri cuori

Shabby Chic Wedding

Shabby Chic Wedding

La natura riempirà i vostri calici e la festa indorerà con il calar del sole


Consultancy and Solutions

What does a Wedding Planner do? Why hire her?

If you want to entrust me with the organization of your magical day, I will be happy to accompany you on a journey with the complete guarantee of success. In detail she will provide you with:

  1. a contract with a guarantee on her work and with an indication of the wedding budget – remuneration in total transparency;
  2. transversal and in-depth skills: from the management of the locations to the dynamics of the restaurant, from the rules of bon ton to what every form of ritual entails: civil, symbolic, religious;
  3. a portfolio of tested suppliers with high quality standards;
  4. agreements to be respected by each supplier, correctly weighing each individual proposal;
  5. coordination of times and budgets, so as not to run into surprises during the planning months, guaranteeing every aspect;
  6. empathy and listening. Her desire will marry yours, guiding you in order to protect you from all possible unexpected events;
  7. authority in dealing with partners and suppliers;
  8. problem solving skills for any setbacks that may occur on the wedding day, especially without involving you.

Every detail will talk about you

A thought by newlyweds for me

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